API documentation

avro.codec.binarydecoder Logic to deserialize Avro data encoded in binary format.
avro.codec.binaryencoder Logic to encode Avro data types into binary format.
avro.codec.bufferedoutputrange A wrapper around an Output Stream allowing values to buffer in memory before being flushed.
avro.codec.decoder Support logic for deserializing Avro values.
avro.codec.encoder Support logic for serializaing Avro values.
avro.codec.jsondecoder A decoder for processing JSON Avro input.
avro.codec.jsonencoder Encodes an Avro object as JSON.
avro.codec.jsonlexer Logic for parsing JSON
avro.codec.zigzag Methods for encoding and decoding integer values using zig-zag and variable-length coding.
avro.generic.genericdata Classes used to access generic Avro data using a schema without pre-compiled classes.
avro.generic.genericreader Tools for reading [GenericDatum] using an decoder.
avro.generic.genericwriter Tools for writing [GenericDatum] using an encoder.
avro.attributes Common logic needed for objects with attributes, like Schemas and Fields.
avro.exception Avro related exception classes.
avro.field Avro fields that are part of an Avro record.
avro.name Avro schemas are often identified by names, which are separated via namespaces.
avro.orderedmap A hash-based map which also keeps track of insertion order.
avro.parser Converts the text of an Avro schema into a validated data structure.
avro.schema Schemas describe the valid format of data, used for (en/de)coding, code generation, and more.
avro.schematable A table of observed schemas organized by name, used during schema parsing.
avro.type A list of Avro schema types.